5 Reasons To Get A Gun Permit BEFORE California Takes Yours Away

Acting now, before it’s too late, could mean the difference between freedom and tyranny

1. California law spreads like an infection

It’s true, from gas restrictions to water restrictions, laws passed by California tend to influence other states. You may live in a “red state” but beware, politicians can change colors faster than any chameleon. That’s why people should act today and get their concealed carry permit 100% online.

2. California Governor Gavin Newsom could still run for president

Nothing is set in stone, and while he may only govern California at the moment, he could become president in the near future. Imagine someone from the “left coast” telling you whether or not you can exercise your right to bear arms?

3. Lawyers could use the court system

Attorneys have used courts to block/change laws even if the voting public is solidly against that. If you act today though, you can easily get your state certification in just minutes. It’s easy and not worth the risk of waiting.

4. New gun laws can/will make obtaining permits nearly impossible

Right now, it’s never been easier to get a concealed carry certificate 100% online. You need to act before this changes and gun “safety” laws make any sort of permit impossible.

5. You can qualify for a Concealed Carry Permit today…why wait?

Valid in 33 states (for now) this might be your last chance to qualify for concealed carry certifications 100% ONLINE. Act now before a new law changes this.